Please select here if you are looking for a treatment solution for the property that you live in.

We are committed to providing the most efficient, fast and effective solutions to bedbugs in your home which is delivered through the use of our unique customer service manuals to take you step-by-step through the process.

Working in partnership with our customers and utilising our database of research and development we are able to ensure your problems get a dedicated solution from the most experienced bedbug professionals in the world dedicated to providing a cost efficient and no wastage service.

Our “no prep, no hassle” approach and Passive Monitoring quality assurance ensure we can start solving the problem as soon as we arrive on site.

Please select below if you are looking for a treatment solution for your business or in connection with a service that you provide:

Our advanced processes and procedures are designed to integrate into your needs with minimal disruption and maximum results to restore operational normality as quickly and efficiently as possible.


This video from Rogue Traders illustrates why we are specialists and approach each case through inspection and understanding before we work out how to treat.

This example of poor work cost slightly less than a professional treatment would have but was completed in a matter of minutes.  This approach is rarely successful and can result in the problem spreading to other rooms.

If you have self treated or have been previously treated please see the “previously treated” section of the website.  This process is designed to resolve your problem as quickly as possible and for health and safety reasons we can’t engage with a property where we do not know the full treatment history.