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At Bed Bugs Limited we are committed to providing the highest possible levels of customer support inline with our advanced treatment methods.

All of our services include feedback forms to make sure that we are continually taking your comments on board to improve the help we provide people.

A selection of the returned feedback forms and comments have been included below so you can see they are genuine and not fake online ones.  Genuine feedback is always encouraged as it helps people avoid the less scrupulous service providers.  If you are a commercial potential customer and want to get feedback from other commercial clients please contact us for information on reference sites.

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Please click below to review a PDF of our customer feedback with all identifiable information obscured.  The documents are shared in raw format and are the quotes used in our slider at the bottom of the page.  All treatment and service based products that the company offers have this process integrated.

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Comments sent via email and in the post

“I was a lessee who caught bed bugs and brought them into a flat I left shortly afterwards. My previous landlord took the majority of my deposit through the DPS by using a well known, but frankly unprofessional, pest disposal company.

I was referred to and their initial treatment of my bed bugs (which I had carried over to my new accommodation) was both calm and very calming. At the end of my new tenancy they returned to the flat when disputes began with my subsequent landlady and again provided the level of service I would expect.

The MD even took the time to call the landlady on my behalf to dispel her fears and explain how the problem could be managed at relatively minimal cost (no dry cleaning etc) and within two weeks. I do not know of another firm that would go to such lengths on the consumer’s behalf.

I simply do not have the words to describe how good a job this firm do. I would go so far as to say it cannot be improved. Many thanks as ever – Justin

Never in a million years would I have thought I would ever get bed bugs, my house is always kept so clean. Having used your service I will make sure I check for signs when I am travelling. My family all thank you for the fact that they can now sleep soundly again

Thank you for rescuing us from the bed bug nightmare. After six treatments for three different companies I now fully understand why you say its a specialist problem. The results you achieved in 48 hours were better than all of them managed in three months

I just wanted to thank you for such an excellent service.  Kevin was extremely prompt both times he came and a very lovely person.  Not only did he eradicate our mild infestation but he did so in a very respectful and non-intrusive manner.  He made us relax about the problem and gave us all the useful knowledge that we needed to ensure that we cleared them out effectively.  A real credit to your company.

Thank you for dealing with our problem so quickly and efficiently, having done extensive research on the subject of bed bugs I realise what I nightmare problem they can be.  Despite the fact that we had clear done the wrong things by using fumer cartridges you were able to stop the problem spreading further.  I just wish we had of called you first and saved the wasted expense…

I am not sure if I and my family can thank you enough. We had read such horror stories on the Internet about infestations lasting months and months and yet we were clear in a matter of days. I wish you are you team every success and hopefully having learnt what to look out for we will never need to call again

Many thanks for being so prompt in answering our call for help this morning. It is incredibly reassuring to have your experience and expertise so immediately available when facing an infestation of bed bugs. It helps combat one’s initial reaction which is to scream and run wildly away!

Thank you for such a prompt and professional service, its nice to see people who are clearly specialists at what they do and the results proved it. If we ever have this problem again you will be the first people we call but we hope not to have to see you again

 thank you again for the rapid and efficient service. I am relieved to hear from friends who have since confessed that they had problems with bed bugs that is actually not that uncommon and most of them were amazed to hear how quickly our case was dealt with compared to the problems they had

Thank you for rescuing my home and my family.  I will always ensure I do my homework before booking a pest controller in future.  Although they said they were bedbug treatment specialists I can now see that in comparison to your company they are really cowboys.  I will certainly make sure non of my friends of family make the same mistake we did initially

thank you for your assistance with my recent pest problem, I still am not sure how it got to that stage undetected and am most grateful that it is no longer an issue. I appreciate being able to sleep soundly again

 I am not sure if I could have coped having found the bed bugs without the rapid response and professional treatment you provided. The bites immediately reduced and within a matter of days I was starting to get my life back together

I have to say having followed all your instructions to the letter the problem seems to have gone, thanks for being so professional and willing to explain the problem in detail

I was sure my problem was bedbugs as I live in NY and travel a lot, after a short time with you passive monitor I was assured I did not have a problem and was able to start living again, thank you

Thank you for providing such a useful and informative website, I was able to realise what the problem was quickly and you eradicated the problem first time