bed bugs advanced education by Bed Bugs Limited of London

This section of our website contains some of the advanced educational material that we have produced along with some of the consumer product testing reports we have written.

All the testing is conducted from a consumer perspective and following manufacturer’s guidelines. Sadly, most products fail testing and we are kept so busy at times that we can’t keep up with all the reports that need compiling.

If you have any suggestions or comments for what you would like to see included in this section please contact us. We are always happy to test new products (ideally before they go on sale to the public).

Application notes for Passive Monitors and trial data

As the inventors of Passive Bed bug Monitors, we have more field knowledge of their use than any other company in the world. Although we are slightly flattered by some of the clones and those who have “borrowed” our ideas and terminology, most have sadly not based their work on field observations and developments. We provide the documents below to illustrate their efficiency and to help people to use them as part of their bed bug detection and eradication strategy.

Passive Monitor installation instructions – This is the most current document we have on the installation of Passive Monitors. (PDF version via the button below)

Initial field trial results and data – Report illustrating the field trial results of passive bed bug monitors conducted by an independent pest control firm. (PDF version via the button below )

Treatment by passive monitor replacement – In some situations treatment is possible through the replacement and targeted cleaning of areas with light bed bug infestations. This development protocol outlines the necessary steps. (PDF version via the button below )

2011 field trial update on passive monitors – As part of our ongoing commitment to developing the passive monitor technology we have conducted a number of tests. This document indicates where the technology can be utilised in a practical way to assist with early detection and control of bed bugs. (PDF version via the button below )

2011 Optimising furniture to reduce the impact of an infestation of bedbugs- Tips and principles for optimizing furniture in advance of an infestation of bed bugs to aid early detection and reduce the spread. (PDF version via the button below )

Application notes for Passive Monitors and trial data

Small Bug, Big Problem – Poster presentation from a recent UK GP’s conference Nov 2009 prepared in conjunction with Bed Bugs Limited. (PDF version via the button below )

Scales of Infestation – This is our scale of how we grade infestations. We hope that other pest control companies will adopt this method so that they can better communicate methods of control with the understanding that different levels of infestation require different control strategies. (PDF version via the button below )

Bed bug bites – photo documentation of the bite responses that our managing director endures to maintain our colonies of bed bugs which are utilised in our research and development programs. We currently have colonies of about 2,000 live samples. (PDF version via the button below )

Notes for medical professionals – we have put together a simple two sided three fold of the essential facts for medical professionals. If you have been given an incorrect diagnosis please share this information with that professional to avoid that mistake again. (PDF version via the button below )

Blood spot analysis guide – a simple presentation illustrating if a blood spot on a sheet is confirming of bed bugs or not. (PDF version via the button below )

If it’s not bedbugs what else might it be?

Bird Mites – biting mites which are associated with current or vacated birds nests. Bird mites are at the limit of human vision and are most commonly described as moving “full stops” or periods. Seek professional experienced assistance with this pest as they are notoriously difficult to deal with.

Carpet Beetles – although they lack the ability to bite, their hairs may provoke a skin reaction that strongly resembles an insect bite if they become electrostatically attracted and embed in your skin.

Psocids – again a non-biting pest that some people can have reactions to. They feed exclusively on mold and fungal spores which usually relate to dampness in the infected area.

Fleas – a common pest that can occur even if you don’t have pets.

Dust mites – again a source of allergic reaction more than a biting pest. This section aims at dispelling some of the myths around this issue and explains simple solutions.

Headbugs – while this is a negative term we try to avoid it is a misdiagnosis that does get bandied around. This section explains why it is not a diagnosis.

If you are still unsure what is causing your symptoms and want to work through a diagnostic process please see our mystery bite service

Product / Service consumer testing reports

Bedbug beacon active monitor – field evaluation of the bedbug beacon active CO2 monitor for detection and as an adjunct to treatment processes. (PDF version via the button below)

Faecal trace confirmation kit – field evaluation of a faecal trace confirmation kit which is capable of confirming bedbug signs within 60 seconds. (PDF version via the button below )

Update on faecal trace kit – this report focuses on the use of Bed Bug Blue to confirm a sample as bedbug when even a 60X image was not clear. (PDF version via the button below )

Insect Inferno Thermal Trailer tests – Inspection, analysis and review of the Insect Inferno thermal trailer as a tool for efficiently treating bedbug infestations. (PDF version via the button below )

PCR based DNA testing – a consumer test of DNA testing services for the confirmation of the presence of bedbugs – Cimex lectularius. (PDF version via the button below )

BBD-100 – handheld bedbug detector tested at consumers request. (PDF version via the button below )

Clearview or Bird X bedbug monitor – consumer tank trial test comparing the Clearview or Bird X bedbug monitor with passive monitor. (PDF version via the button below )

Assured Environments bedbug annihilator – testing and analysis of the Bedbug Annihilator decontamination unit for thermal treatment of infested items. (PDF version via the button below )

Electronic Dog Nose Bedbug detector – consumer test of the electronic dog nose bedbug detector (2 different units tested). (PDF version via the button below )


There are very few high-quality reliable consumer websites for bedbug information. We will only list “public good” and non-commercial websites here (please contact us if you feel you should be listed):

Bedbug Beware – a common sense easy to understand guide to bedbugs – the first, and still best, consumer advice, support portal and blog in the world. Our Managing Director participates under the username bed-bugscouk and is very active in the forum.

Additional Projects

As the first company to specialize in bedbugs anywhere in the world we feel we have a significant social responsibility for literally founding an industry. As such we are involved in a number of additional projects which we feel help showcase why we are so different as an organization, these projects include:

Pests Don’t Have To Be Scary – when educating people about pest issues it is so often from a perspective of fear with graphic images which do not have real educational value. Just as our bedbug information is presented in cartoon format we have worked with our resident artist to create a whole portfolio of cartoon images which are available – Free of charge – to academics and public education and for a small fee to commercial organizations.

Ostrich Bug – For those who feel that bedbugs are an issue that will go away if you ignore it we offer the sage advice of the Ostrich Bug – Cimex ridiculous. – As the first company to focus on bedbugs as a service we secured certain high-level domain names on the grounds that when widespread public education programs started they could have access to them without fighting a “magic bedbug spray” or “faulty glue based trap”. In the meantime, we are holding the domain open with what we believe is the easiest and most cost-effective way to reliably confirm if you have bedbugs, it will be transferred as soon as we are asked to do so by someone who can pass out ethical criteria.

Glossary of Terms – To help people get to grips with bedbug terminology we have started a glossary document which others can input to.

Schrodinger’s bed bug – An explanation of why bed bugs are natural anxiety triggers and why it is important to understand this aspect of the problem.

Additional Resources

Why we don’t use whole home heating – details of the reasons why we do not offer nor endorse any room heating systems.

Why we don’t use dogs – coming soon a section that explains why we do not routinely use dogs to detect bed bugs.