bed bug treatment for domestic, commercial and landlords by Bed Bugs Limited of London

A bedbug infestation in your home can be extremely distressing and, therefore, it is imperative that the problem is resolved swiftly and efficiently from the start. We are a dedicated company which specialises solely in the eradication of bedbugs. Consequently, we are your best choice to help you resolve any problem quickly and cost effectively.

Our dedicated technicians will assess your situation, confirm the presence of bedbugs, establish the most efficient method and determine, along with you the most appropriate course of action, prior to treatment implementation.

Our sole aim is to get your life bedbug free as quickly as possible with minimal disruption to your daily routine.

  • Dedicated specialist technicians.
  • 100% Green and effective treatment options.
  • Support of UK’s only dedicated decontamination facility.
  • Benefit from our extensive experience in resolving other cases.
  • Cost-effective and affordable treatments with no unnecessary disposal of furniture, clothes or personal belongings.
  • All treatments are backed by our Gold Standard Guarantee.


We request you not do any preparation in advance of our assessment consultation visit. This is to avoid disturbing potential signs of an infestation and prevent inadvertent contamination of non-infested areas within your property. We have assessed many cases where homes have been unnecessarily disrupted and infested items have been moved during pre-visit preparation. This has often resulted in a simple minor infestation becoming more major and involving multiple rooms.

As in the case of a crime scene, leaving the area untouched gives us the best chance to detect and observe all the clues to accurately determine the cause, and which ultimately leads to a faster resolution of any infestation.

In the event that preparation is required, due to a dispersed or heavy infestation, we will provide clear instructions regarding what needs to be done in advance of treatment. If necessary, we can arrange for our “Prep Support Team” to help you with this task.


The first stage of any treatment program is to assess the area to confirm that the infestation is bedbugs. This is not only a legal requirement under several Acts of the UK Parliament, but is also good scientific practice. Unless you confirm what you are trying to kill, you cannot be sure that the problem is fully resolved. Our standard form of confirmation is the detection of one or all of the recognised activity signs, which include live samples, cast skins or faecal traces. In the case of faecal traces, for absolute accuracy, we use the Bedbug Blue™ faecal trace confirmation kit. Visual confirmation alone is not considered 100% reliable.

During the assessment, the technician will focus on establishing the extent, duration and dispersal of the infestation to determine the most appropriate and efficient treatment program. It also helps us to better understand your exposure profile and thus what steps you need to take to ensure bedbugs stay away. Each room is thoroughly checked before the treatment phase starts to ensure that we address the entire issue from the start.

If our assessment reveals that your home does not have bedbugs, we will endeavour to identify the cause of the problem and will offer you our recommendations on how to resolve it, by means of non-chemical methods. In such cases, we charge a small assessment fee and leave an educational pack detailing how to avoid coming into contact with bedbugs in future. This includes advice on what monitoring solutions we recommend, plus a free sample identification‍‍‍ pack should you find something of concern in the future.

Green Eradication

In 2011 we formed a technical working agreement with an Italian company to develop the world’s first steam generation system that is optimised for the treatment of bedbug infestations. This equipment is now the standard equipment for all our technicians. The use of this unique Integrated Pest Eradication method enables us to resolve your infestation before we leave the site. Following treatment, most clients report little or no subsequent activity. Therefore, only rooms with an active infestation need treatment.

In 2014 we set out to be 100% green and chemical free before the year was out having perfected this approach with our commercial clients since 2012. We have proven time after time that even the most advanced infestations can be eradicated quickly and efficiently and with less disruption that a chemical based treatment. It relies upon the quality of the work more than the choice of insecticide and is not something that they can develop resistance to as they are immediately dead. Our decision also reflects the most recent medical research which confirms that insecticide use in homes can have long term health effects (Elizabeth Milne et al 2013) and the widespread reporting of insecticide resistance within global academic and professional conferences, they are simply no longer effective. We would rather provide a more professional solution than keep our fingers cross that what has been sprayed is effective.

This treatment service is charged on an hourly rate basis, and has the following key benefits:

  • 100% insecticide free and thus completely safe for your family
  • Superior 180 °C treatment temperature for instant eradication
  • Supported with organic residual product and Passive Monitoring
  • Designed to resolve your problem on the day of treatment
  • Backed up with the support of the Off-Site decontamination facility


All assessment and treatment services are fully supported by a customised step-by-step guide to ensure that you know exactly what needs to be done to assist us in resolving your infestation. This documentation also covers many diverse aspects to help deal with the psychological issues surrounding bedbugs, avoiding them in the future and how to help educate friends and family. It also includes information on relaxation and anxiety management techniques which many clients find extremely helpful. This information has been based upon our years of experience in our specialist field since 2005.

The infestation tracking and feedback sections within the documentation pack, ensure that we constantly learn from each case that we deal with, and that our services remain at the forefront of bedbug eradication. It also strengthens the “partnership approach” which we are internationally recognised for. In the event that you may have any additional questions, existing customers receive priority access to our technical support team and resources.

This documentation outlines what additional support services are available should you not feel able to conduct all the post-treatment recommendations or Off-Site decontamination as recommended as part of the solution.

“We are confide‍‍‍nt that like the many tens of thousands of satisfied customers we have already worked with, that you will find our service to be both unique and probably the most advanced bedbug eradication service in the world. This is something I can say with confidence after dedicating over a decade to understanding this pest and how to best resolve infestations in peoples homes.”

David Cain PgCert, Bsc (Hons), ESQ Founder Bed Bugs Limited

Client Confidentiality

We always fully respect the confidentiality of our clients, which is why all of our vehicles are unmarked. We do not wear bright highly visible clothing or safety suits, and we will not attempt to turn your home into something out of a Hollywood Sci-Fi film, with pipes and tubes running to the windows and doors like Ghostbusters or ET. Even when pushed on live TV we avoid talking about the identities of the people we work with and discuss the wider implications of the issue.

Health and Safety

All our work is carried out to the highest standards with due regard of health and safety, as evident from our membership to independent schemes. Furthermore, no work will be carried out until any infestation is confirmed and the extent of the problem has been identified.

Like paramedics our role is to rapidly assess and triage situations, basing quick decisions on the facts of the situation and what needs to be done to rapidly resolve the problem.

‍‍‍If you have been previously treated or have self-treated please complete the “previously treated disclosure procedure” in advance of seeking an appointment. This is part of our risk assessment and cannot be circumnavigated for the health and safety of you as well as our staff.