About Bed Bugs Limited

Bed-Bugs.co.uk was established by David Cain in 2005, primarily as an information portal for the exchange of ideas and information about bed bugs.  With his scientific background and professional training, David was interested in the increasing spread of bed bugs and what scientific advances were being brought to bear on the problem.  Surprisingly, the “scientific” answer was ‘not a lot’.

The sheer volume of enquiries and, more specifically, direct requests for effective help in tackling infestations demonstrated very clearly that existing methods of controlling bedbugs were proving increasingly ineffective.  A radical new approach was needed and led David to set up Bed Bugs Limited, a company dedicated solely to the control and eradication of this pest.

From the outset, the company has done things differently, with a firm emphasis on research and investigation in order to develop an eradication process which actually works.  A few years down the road, with successful treatment of infestations far higher than general pest controllers, the results show that we are very definitely on the right track and can rightfully claim to be the UK’s leading company when it comes to bedbugs with international collaborations covering many aspects of bedbugs.

David Cain, managing director

With a degree in Molecular Biology and post-graduate qualifications in Biological Sciences, David is now one of the UK’s leading authorities on bedbugs.  He has appeared on national and local television and radio and in numerous press articles.

David has also appeared as a Key Witness in court cases involving bedbugs and given a number of presentations about bedbugs at conferences and public health meetings.

Terry, technical and office manager

Terry joined us as we expanded and moved to new premises in 2007 and he’s the person most people speak to when they call our offices.  With a wealth of technical and administrative experience, Terry implemented a state-of-the-art tracking and communications system for our technicians.  This means we can pinpoint their location to within a few metres and slot in urgent appointments if at all possible.

Terry also implemented our new Customer Administration system which, besides providing accurate treatment records at a glance, also allows us to identify clusters of bed bug infestations.  This is useful when considering bedbugs in the wider context of public health.

Our field technicians

We have a dedicated team of highly trained field technicians.  They are all highly trained in recognising bedbug life-cycle stages and signs of infestations, appropriate methods of treating each type of infestation and giving advice to help prevent future problems.  They are also trained to recognise and acknowledge the absence of a bedbug problem – if they carry out an inspection and you don’t have bedbugs then we won’t charge you any extra for unnecessary treatment.