bed bug treatments for halls of residence by Bed Bugs Limited of London

Bedbug infestations in high density, high mobility accommodation environments such as Halls of Residence and Hostel Accommodation buildings can provide extra challenges to any organisation. Infestation problems can quickly spread between adjoining rooms, and also be carried by both inhabitants and visitors.

Problems can be introduced by residents during both term time or during periods of high turnover, which may cause unusual spikes in activity.

  • Fast and effective solution with minimal room outages
  • Protects your reputation and your residents
  • Early detection to limits the impact of infestations
  • Tailored solutions that meet you exact needs. Cost effective and affordable treatments with no wastage of furniture or items
  • Backed by our Gold Standard Guarantee


Halls of residence, like other forms of high occupancy accommodation, can suffer bedbug problems. Particularly from students where the residents use local resources such as public transport services or cinemas; Cater for students who may travel significant distances to get to the accommodation; In addition to the risks posed by guests at conferences and short term residents. This can be particularly disrupting to students who may be living away from home for the first time, or who are under pressure from full time study.

Through our documented work program structure and clear communication, we are able to create a scientific understanding of the problem so that all parties are able to understand the problem. This enables it to be addressed efficiently.


Should your organisation suspect an infestation of bedbugs we will assess the problem and advise what needs to be done to get you back into full operational status as quickly and efficiently as possible. In many cases this is following the first treatment visit and within a few hours of arriving on site. However it should be noted that we specialise solely in bedbugs, consequently we are one of the few companies who will take on bedbug “nightmares” such as 100% infested Hotels however in these cases it may take a little time to clear.

Our reactive approach normally focused on non-chemical treatment because this has proved to be the fastest way to get a room back into service free from bedbugs, and does not require the disposal of any furniture, fixtures or fittings.


The full benefits of our service and knowledge come from our Pro-Active stance against bedbugs, achieved through the development of staff training, formal procedures, and passive monitoring. Once installed and operational this allows early detection of the introduction of bedbugs to a room, enables the problem to be resolved in a matter of hours, with no need to put the room out of service, and before any infestation can spread.

Simple 30 second once a week checking can keep you ahead of the problem and results in a sharp reduction in guest complaints due to bedbugs, something we are always pleased to hear.

  • 100% insecticide free
  • Superior 180 °C treatment temperature
  • Supported with organic residual product and Passive+ Monitoring
  • Fast most efficient results achievable
  • No loss in room availability in moderate cases
  • Fully documented processes and training manual
  • Training DVD available
  • Educational and awareness material available
  • Double Quality Assurance for complete protection
  • Managed Quality Assurance options available

To discuss your needs and to investigate how we may be able to better help you take control of bedbug problems please contact us:

One of our clients was spending over £50,000 per year controlling bedbugs and still had to deal with an average of one student complaint per day. Within a few weeks we had resolved the current infestations, educated the students, restored staff moral and now they feel it is unlikely if they get more than one complaint per term and never have an issue that lasts more than a few days.

All for a cost around 3 pence per bed per night and only achievable when you stop trying to control a problem and start eradicating it.”

David Cain PgCert, Bsc (Hons), ESQ Founder Bed Bugs Limited

Client Confidentiality

We always fully respect the confidentiality of our clients, which is why all of our vehicles are unmarked. We do not wear bright highly visible clothing or safety suits, and we will not attempt to turn your home into something out of a Hollywood Sci-Fi film, with pipes and tubes running to the windows and doors like Ghostbusters or ET.

Health and Safety

All our work is carried out to the highest standards with due regard of health and safety, as evident from our membership to independent schemes. Furthermore no work will be carried out until any infestation is confirmed and the extent of the problem has been identified.