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  • 100% Green Chemical Free Treatments – Safe, Faster, which also means you do not have to vacate the property
  • Cleaner Eradication Focused – We Don’t Just Spray & Prey
  • We Succeed Where Others Have Failed
  • Experienced & Resourced Enough To Deal With Even The Most Complex Cases
  • No Toxic Chemicals To Worry About Your Health

Bed Bugs Limited are a specialist bed bug exterminator based in London UK. We are the UK’s most trusted company for treatments & accurate Information of Bed Bugs. And are the first company globally that has dedicated to this single pest. Ever since we have been leading the field of bed bug eradication through our unique scientific driven approach.

Working in partnership with our clients and customers, dealing with issues you currently have through focusing on safe non-chemical eradication methods while educating you on best practice for the future avoidance of reintroduction of bed bugs.

Our staff are highly skilled and experienced bed bug exterminators. We are the only company in the UK, as well as one of only about five in the world who works this way. Also, we have the assurance of physical offices and a long trading history so our company is easily verified.

We appreciate that bed bugs can be a traumatic issue to experience in your home or business which is why we chose to dedicate ourselves to this worthy cause. We have all the information you need about bed bugs, from bed bug detection and eradication to assist you in understanding how and why we work the way that we do to exterminate them.

While we hope that you never need our services, we also hope that anyone who does experience the issue finds us quickly so we can start putting the nightmare to bed and exterminate the bed bugs effectively.

Our reviews are all genuine, located in our testimonials section, we don’t pay people to review us or create false reviews as we have seen others do through online processes. Our feedback process is key to everything we do, and we publish all of them with only the client’s details removed.

Professional bed bug solutions based on scientific research.

Since established in 2005, we have specialized solely in treating bed bugs. Our exterminators have treated over 29,000 cases and are able to draw upon an unprecedented level of experience to help solve and prevent bed bug infestations. This includes access to and participation in many “worldwide” research programs and technical forums. These solutions are tailored to help solve and prevent bed bug infestations that may affect your home, family or business. These solutions include:

Bed Bug Treatment and Eradication by Bed Bugs Limited of London
Bed Bug Limited Seal of Quality by Bed Bugs Limited of London
  • Cost-effective treatments with no need to throw things away or prep location in advance of treatment.
  • Our Gold standard guarantee for added peace of mind
  • Access to educational resources to help travelers avoid bed bugs.
  • Passive Monitoring technologies to assist with early detection and resolution of infestations.
  • World-leading green treatment solution for fast and safe eradication.
  • Off-Site decontamination of possessions, luggage and/or belongings to reduce unnecessary waste.
  • Access to newsletters and useful information to help you avoid or deal with bed bugs
  • Advanced Educational resources including access to trial data and independent product testing reports
  • Consulting services for pest control organisations, legal and corporate clients.

Passive Monitors For Early Detection

Bed Bug Passive Monitor by Bed Bugs Limited of London, learn more about Passive Monitors

As pioneers in bedbug eradication and detection we have been using Passive Monitors at the core of our business since 2009. Whether deployed as part of a ProActive monitoring solution in a commercial setting or used in a domestic setting in conjunction with the treatment they have proven their value time after time. To assist people in using this powerful tool for bedbugs we have written a specific information portal including how you can use Passive Monitors to deal with the infestation in a matter of hours without the use of chemicals. “Help protect your friends and family from a bedbug nightmare by getting ProActive and incorporating early detection into your monthly routines”.


Panicked or Confused About Bed Bugs?

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Given the number of panicked and anxious phone calls we receive from people worried about bed bugs, we are probably one of the few companies who can say “take a deep breath and don’t worry it’s rarely as bad as it seems”.

Over the years, we have successfully helped tens of thousands of people deal with bed bug issues and have developed an education and science focused approach that can really help.

If you want to read in more detail and fully understand the way that we work please take the time to read through the educational section before reading about the domestic or commercial services we offer.


We are increasingly called in to resolve issues which have been previously treated using either other companies or chemical based home treatment products. if you have previously used any products it is important to let us know in advance of ‍‍‍arrival on site so this can be factored into your treatment process. Our technicians understand how these various treatments and processes can effect bed bugs as well as how to overcome the issues they cause but we do need to know about them. Cases, where disclosure has not occurred, will result in an assessment fee being charged and a delay in starting the work until the case details have been submitted and reviewed. We would also encourage people not to repeat treatments if they are not working as it can make the treatment process a lot more complex.

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