Bed Bugs Limited is somewhat unique in our sector in that a side product of our scientific approach is a lot of novel techniques and applications to problems that are growing worldwide.

Our portfolio encompasses both granted and in application patents as well as various trademarks and copyright protected materials.

To ensure that anything we have developed is used at its maximum efficiency and only in the way that it has been designed we generally restrict access to the product until it is in a finished state.  That is not to say that we are not open to approaches from collaborators but more of an indication that we will not place any product or concept into the public domain until it is robust and thoroughly field tested.

Granted Patents

GB2463953 Bed bug detecting device

GB2470307 A method of detecting bedbugs

Other projects include

Licensing opportunities for novel patent-pending bedbug blocking technology for furniture when you need to pass through an encasement such as with the use of encasements on UK style divan beds.

Licensing opportunities for novel chemical control targets for bed bugs.

Licensing opportunities for methodologies, procedures, systems and manual for dealing with bedbugs in domestic and commercial environments developed based on field experience.

Exclusive distribution rights on bedbug confirmation technology in key global markets.

Exclusive distribution rights on bedbug Active monitoring technology in key global markets.

Access to a library of high-resolution bedbug images from 10 Mpix resolution to 21.1 Mpix resolution and digital microscopy images including footage of bedbugs feeding.

Domain Names

As the worlds first bedbug specialist company we spent some of our formative years collecting and securing intellectual property including domain names.  This was in part to ensure that no-one was able to claim legitimacy through a domain name they did not deserve to own.

Some are reserved for public information programs (which we hope the public health bodies will soon get around to) while others are obviously more commercial valuable in these days of Internet based marketing.

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