bed bug pscocids or booklice by Bed Bugs Limited of London

Although we specialise only in bedbugs we occasionally encounter other issues, often when general pest control companies have failed to identify the source of the problem.Sometimes this has been linked to Pscocids or booklice which thrive in damper conditions.

More aligned with an allergic reaction than a true bite the symptoms can not be distinguished from an insect bite.Often they are mistaken for nymphal bedbugs and as such if you only ever see nymphs you owe it to yourself to consider it may not be bedbugs.

Please see the key facts below and the linked document which explains the issue in more detail.

Pscocids can look like nymphal stage bedbugs.

They feed on mould spores so breed rapidly in damper conditions.

You don’t have to have books to have booklice.

Some people have gone for long periods assuming it was bedbugs when it turned out to be Pscocids.

The solution is not chemical, you have to dry the air to kill the spores and thus starve the Pscocids.

Pscocids do not leave faecal traces like bed bugs.

Click the link below to access our free PDF on Pscocids which includes a simple and effective solution.

Download: Information about Pscocids