bed bug limited london seal of quality

We are very proud of the fact that when we formed in 2005 we were the first dedicated bedbug extermination firm in the world. Over the years we have seen other specialists start and close (sometimes within weeks); some with wild claims of instant eradication and promises that the bugs will never return.

The fact is that broad claims are easy to make and difficult to back up. Without knowing the finer details of your infestation, all promises are, at best, difficult to enforce. Having thought long and hard about the subject of guarantees, we are introducing the following policy.

Choosing us to provide you with a bedbug treatment solution ensures that you are being treated by the most experienced team of dedicated bedbug exterminators in the world. Your treatment will also be supported with Europe’s only dedicated decontamination facility (the only other one is in Canada).

This guarantee is backed up with the experience of having dealt with over 29,000 infestations of bedbugs and a scientific and field-based knowledge of bedbugs that is recognised worldwide. If we can efficiently, safely and quickly eradicate some of the heaviest infestations ever documented, we can certainly help you.

Our investigational-based approach is currently unique in the world of pest controllers, but is certainly waking up a few who are attempting to copy it.  Unfortunately, without the foundation of our unique training program, these services are likely to be little more than a pale imitation of what we do.

We will guarantee our treatments for a period of 3 months from the first treatment date as long as all the instructions outlined by our team and contained within our instruction manual are followed.  We could offer a longer guarantee but the reality is that most of our clients are living bedbug free within 14 days and remain that way for as long as they follow our unique prevention advice.  Longer guarantees are simply not necessary with our approach to dealing with the problem unless your methods are not good enough to support a shorter period.  Who would want to live with bedbugs for 6 months or for that matter any longer than necessary?

Following the initial payment all revisits conducted within normal working hours on properties inside the M25 during the guarantee period are provided at the capped rate regardless of how long the visit takes.  Work conducted outside of the M25 will still have access to the capped revisit pricing but will always incur travel costs from our base in London.

The period of time of the guarantee may be reduced (subject to inspection) in situations where you have been previously treated by another organisation or through extensive chemical based self treatment where the infestation has become dispersed throughout the property.  Such restrictions will be clearly communicated in the “previously treated properties processes”.

We guarantee that you will never find our technical staff over-treating properties with excesses of insecticide or unnecessarily treating areas of your property.  We strictly follow the guidelines set out in the Animals Act 1916, Control of Pesticides Regulations of 1986 and Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Act 2002 and we only treat when there is justification to do so.

Existing customers will always get priority access to our database of technical resources, rapid evaluation of any samples sent through for identification and priority when responding to emails.  We appreciate the fact that most of our business is generated through word of mouth and as such we make sure we look after your current customers as a priority.

Finally if you can find a company that offers the same or higher levels of technical information on bedbugs operating in the UK but charging a lower price than ours we will match the cost and provide a higher level of service.