In 2005 when I formed Bed Bugs Limited as the world’s first dedicated bedbug extermination company most people could not see the logic behind what we were doing.To focus on such a rare pest issue seemed crazy to most.

The reality is that having already been at the frontline of bedbug infestations for 3 years in one of the most densely populated cities in the world I could see what was coming and knew that we needed to get a lot of resources in place to tackle this most problematic of pests.

Some of our key milestone achievements are listed below along with current projects that we are actively seeking international collaborators for:

World’s first dedicated bedbug professionals since Tiffin & Sons.

Extensively used by the global media as a bedbug expert/guru since 2007.

World’s first dedicated decontamination facility opened 2007.

World’s first dedicated commercial research facility for bedbugs opened 2007.

Granted two patents for bedbug detection technology which now have over 5 years field use with real clients.

World leading non-chemical and 100% green treatment programs taking into account scientific data of infestation dynamics.

World class science behind every step in our processes.

Hotel Bedbug Monitoring system

Since the development of our patented Passive Monitoring technology and methods we have continued to work with our Hotel and Hospitality clients to optimise and perfect the technology. The current version deals with all aspects of processes and procedures necessary to enable a location to integrate the disciplines of early detection in order to remove the risk of guest complaints and ensure that any infestations can be resolved using completely green methods in a matter of hours.

This approach has a positive impact on operational efficiency, guest relations, staff moral and organisations reputations and have been proven overt he last 5 years to be the most efficient way to reduce a locations risk of bedbugs spreading.

We have successfully integrated the system into Hotels, Hostels, Bed and Breakfast establishments, Medical facilities and University Halls of Residence proving year after year that changing to a ProActive approach saves our clients financially and by safeguarding their reputations.

In 2012 we started recruiting global services partners for this program providing systems, procedures, training, support and technical knowledge to companies seeking to offer our solution to their local clients. We are therefore seeking service partners in the USA and Canada (excluding New Jersey and New York states which are already allocated). To express your interest in this system please email me:

Public Education Projects

Following the publication of my book Bed Bug Beware in 2009 I have continued the project as a public education website hosted at which has aims at offering a foundation knowledge on bedbugs in a simple clear language that can be read in as little as 10 minutes. The project has also incorporated out museum of bedbug artefacts to help illustrate that although bedbugs seem to be a recent problem there have been times in the past where infestations were even more of an issue than they are today.

I have always been passionate about the need to raise public awareness about bedbugs and why teaching people to understand the basic facts and to encourage them to avoid where possible is such an essential part in the solution that is needed today. One of the resources which we have secured for such projects are some of the highest level domain names which will immediately be detected by the search engines once populated regardless of what the current algorithm for search results has as a criteria. These top level domain are in holding for the appropriate public education projects which by definition are most likely to be government or academically driven. Although we are by definition a commercial organisation our social responsibility means we will never do anything to not give our full support to such worthy causes.

Systems and Process Development

Since forming in 2005 the companies approach, use of technology, use of systems and methods of working have changed dramatically to keep pace with an industry which has been rapidly developing. Driving by a scientific and analytic skill set that seeks solutions rather than raising problems we have already met and addressed most of the challenges that face any company adapting to a dynamic market place.

Internationally I am increasingly being asked to help work on peoples systems and processes for bedbug eradication. Experience has taught us that it is often easier to develop an approach based strategy for bedbugs rather than a fixed protocol which will eventually result in failures as the biological element adapts and changes. If you are interested in looking at ways to develop better systems and processes beyond our Hotel Bedbug Monitoring system, after all, we can appreciate that experience is one of the key elements to effective and efficient bedbug eradication so why not give your business the best possible start. Please contact me requesting a confidentiality agreement using the link below:

Business and Technology Development

Over the years I have tested almost every bedbug technology on the market and many that did not even make it to the market in the first place. If a product is already on sale to the consumer we will happily test it and publish the results as can be seen in our advanced educational section of the website although not all tested products are listed there, just a selection of the good and some of the bad ones.

If you have a product that is not already on sale to the public and would like it to be tested under confidential conditions please contact us to discuss the project further. If the product is already on sale to the public we would rather test it as a consumer review thereby not being restricted from offering an honest assessment in public.

In recent years I have helped a number of companies test and market position many bedbug related technologies, all of which are still on the market and happily increasing market share year on year. This is due in part to our belief that if something is good enough to use in our business we will happily recommend it as a suitable tool for others.


  • Name: David Cain
  • Born: March 1972
  • Nationality: British
  • Academic Qualification: PgCert Plant Molecular Biology, Bsc (Hons) Plant Molecular Biology
  • Publications: Bed Bug Beware – an easy to understand guide to bedbugs, their prevention and control by David Cain and Richard Strand ISBN 978-0-9562617-0-0
  • Granted Patents: GB2470307 A bed bug detecting device , GB2463953 An insect monitoring device and a method of detection.