stepping on bed bugs

Started in Feb 2017 following a post on this project aims to help create common ground between the different parties in bed bug infestations within multi unit housing, such as:

  • Occupants
  • Tenants
  • Landlords
  • Building managers
  • Housing associations

We have started this project with an open request for submissions for all parties so we can look at where the key areas for improvement are.


Community immunity from bed bugs is a call for participants in a new project to assist all communities in becoming proactive for bed bugs

In recent months, Bed Bugs Ltd have been paying particular attention to the issue of bed bugs in multi housing properties with the aim of reducing the risk of spreading infestations.

To assist people in better addressing this in the future we would like to ask people to write to us and share their experiences of this situation, what has been the effect, how long did problems persist, what actions were taken to control the issue, what was the physical and mental impact of the infestation.

This information will be used to select a few cases to look at the impact and cost to the organisation to enable us to develop a feasible and simple solution.

The output of this project will be publicly available on our Community Immunity Page.

So if you personally or your organisation have been affected by bed bugs in either houses or flats of multiple occupation or blocks of adjoining flats please share your information with us.

All information will be treated as confidential and we welcome submissions of information from tenants, landlords and housing associations from both small properties through to the managers of multi-site portfolios. Our aim is to develop an approach which is based upon shared responsibilities under the ethos of “community immunity benefits all”.

Submissions are open between 23rd Feb 2017 and the 31st March 2017 via: with the subject line: Community Immunity

Or by post to:

Community Immunity
Bed Bugs Ltd
12 Hermitage Lane
SE25 5HH

Please share and forward this announcement on social media as the more input we receive the better the final solution will be.