bed bug treatments for housing associations by Bed Bugs Limited of London

Bedbugs can be problematic for housing associations because the stress and anxiety that they cause residents often leads to emotional confrontation between the tenant and the housing association management.

We specialise exclusively in the treatment of bedbugs and our teams have wealth of experience working in conjunction with housing estate management and property management agencies, towards successful eradication of bedbug infestations.

Our aim is to get your property bedbug free as quickly and efficiently, without the additional cost of furniture and personal effects replacement. This ensures you:

  • Comply with your responsibilities under the 2004 Housing Act
  • Can resolve residents issues quickly and efficiently
  • Have access to our off-site decon facility to avoid disposing of furniture and possessions
  • Can ensure problem free change of tenancy
  • Can address block / building / estate based issues
  • Are backed by our Gold Standard Guarantee.


We specialise exclusively in the treatment of bedbugsand our procedures have been developed by the successful resolution of tens of thousands of cases. During this time we have learnt to assess and resolve each case we encounter on its individual merits, something only possible because of our flexible approach to treatment and our additional support services.

Initial tasking contact will be via the housing association, who will request to provide contact details for the tenant. Following the receipt of this information, we the liaise directly with the tenant to arrange appointment times. Progress will be updated to the contact within your housing team, via email,throughout the treatment cycle.


Unlike most other companies we don’t ask your tenants to do preparation in advance of a consultation visit, to avoid disturbing potential signs of an infestation and prevent inadvertentcontamination of non-infected areas within your property. We have assessed many cases where homes have been unnecessarily disrupted and infested items have been moved during pre-visit a preparation. This has often resulted in a simple minor infestation becoming more major and involving multiple rooms.

As in the case of a crime scene, leaving the area untouched gives us the best chance to detect and observe the clues as to how this has happened in your home which ultimately leads to a faster resolution of any infestation. We also establish what the most likely source of the case is and thus educate your tenants on how to avoid future problems.

Once you have provided us with the details of the property and the tenants, we can co-ordinate appointment times with them on your behalf. We will keep you informed regarding our proposed assessment is scheduled. We also recommend that if this is your first time using our service, that you also be present at the assessment, so that you can understand our processes.


All assessment and treatment services are fully supported by a customised step-by-step guide to ensure that your tenants know exactly what needs to be done to assist us in resolving the infestation. This is based upon our extensive experience and will give you and your tenant peace of mind, in the knowledge that problem is being handled correctly. The documentation also covers diverse aspects to help deal with the psychological issues surrounding bedbugs, avoiding them in future and how to help educate friends, family and future visitors.

Once an infestation is resolved we recommend the installation of Passive Monitors, which can be installed during the treatment. These monitors can be checked by the tenants and will ensure that any future occurrences will be detected at the earliest possible opportunity. This will provide speedy detection and enable any future issues to be dealt with cost effectively, by a deep cleanse and Passive Monitor replacement.

The documentation also outlines the additional support services that we are able to provide, should you want any aspects of the post treatment recommendations to be managed for you or if Off-Site decontamination is recommended as part of the solution.

To discuss your needs and to investigate how we may be able to better help you take control of bedbug problems please contact us.

Client Confidentiality

We always fully respect the confidentiality of our clients, which is why all of our vehicles are unmarked. We do not wear bright highly visible clothing or safety suits, and we will not attempt to turn your home into something out of a Hollywood Sci-Fi film, with pipes and tubes running to the windows and doors like Ghostbusters or ET.

Health and Safety

All our work is carried out to the highest standards with due regard of health and safety, as evident from our membership to independent schemes. Furthermore no work will be carried out until any infestation is confirmed and the extent of the problem has been identified.

If you have been previously treated or have self treated please complete the “previously treated disclosure procedure” in advance of seeking an appointment. This is part of our risk assessment and cannot be circumnavigated for the health and safety of you as well as our staff.