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Having bedbugs in one of your tenanted properties can be very frustrating for landlords as although the law states that its your responsibility to resolve it is rarely the landlord who actually brings the infestation into the property.

The following section details how we approach the situation to ensure that all parties work together to resolve the issue as quickly and cost effectively as possible as well as what services we can offer to reduce the risk of this happening again.


Hotels and Hostels

Having bedbugs in your Hotel or Hostel can be extremely distressing to both your guests and staff as well as having a massive impact on the reputation and viability of your business as people turn to online reviews for booking information.

The following section explains how we assist our Hotel and Hostel clients in rapidly resolving bedbug issues and safe guard their reputations. Many of our Hotel clients report no longer getting guest complaints.


Halls of Residence and Accommodation

Bedbugs in halls of residence and accommodation buildings can be an extra challenge as the mix of long term and short term residents, and the speed at which issues can spread can lead to a situation that gets out of control.

The following section explains how we work with our accommodation providing clients to create integrated solutions that enables rapid resolution of infestations before they are able to spread between units. We have also implemented induction education for some Universities to help reduce the risk of long term residents arriving with unwanted guests.


Hospitals and Residential Care Facilities

Bedbugs in Hospitals and Residential care facilities can be extremely distressing for occupants as they are often of poor health or mobility compounding the stress and often further affecting health.

We have worked with a number of organisations to create a zero tolerance approach to bedbugs which is also green so you don’t need to worry about peoples health being affected through the use of chemical products. We have worked in both reactive and ProActive fashions with clients to eradicate the negative impact that bedbugs can have.


Housing Associations

As bedbugs continue to spread within all sections of society there is an extremely high probability that your organisation will from time to time have to deal with an incidence of bedbugs.

As pests they have a reputation for being one of the hardest issues to work on which can create a lot of anxiety and tension between occupants and housing association staff. We work with a number of housing associations to provide bedbug eradication services to create streamline processes achieved by virtue of the fact that we only deal with this one pest.


Other environments including vehicles and ships

Bedbugs can become an issue in any location that people occupy. A simple Internet search will reveal plenty of news stories about bedbugs in schools, offices, cinemas, libraries, public spaces and in connection with ships and vehicles.

By focusing on “eradication solutions” rather than “control procedures” we have experience in resolving issues in just about any environment you can think of and have even worked with architects and interior designers to limit the impact of bedbugs before they arrive.