Inspection & Assessment Visits for London Homes


Inspection & Assessment Visits for Inner London Homes

Our approach to treating bedbugs is based on dealing with over 29,000 cases and being the world first dedicated team of bedbug exterminators. Since we formed in 2005 we have continued to learn from each and every case to develop a unique world leading solution that is also 100% chemical free and thus safest for both your home, family and the environment.

The cost of this Assessment only visit is £150+VAT this is to inspect and search up to six rooms in a property, only living areas such as bedrooms and lounges need tobe inspected. This is charged for our normal on site hours of arrival between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday

If your property is larger than this please call us on 0207 720 6468 to discuss your case.

Once you have purchased the service we will contact you to arrange a visit at a mutually convenient time slot

This charge will cover situations where the problem turns out to not be bedbug related, of course we will endeavour to confirm what is causing the issue and thus how to resolve it as well as educating you about avoiding bedbug sources.

This is also for cases where you wish to confirm the extent of a bed bug infestation and the procedure and costs involved to eradicate it prior to committing to treatment.

We also charge this if the property requires pre-treatment work to be carried out to maximize the efficiency of the treatment process.

In these cases, the cost is refunded if the treatment is undertaken within 14 days.

If Treatment is required on the same visit, we will give you a full quotation of the works required and the costs involved and will refund the pre-paid assessment cost off of this figure