stepping on bed bugs

Bed Bugs Limited started as a public education site hoping to help “spread the word and not the bed bugs”.

Over the years we have developed an understanding that dealing with bed bugs is often more than just dealing with infestations in peoples homes. The following videos are selected to help support you through the process with additional information.

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Process overview

A short explanation of why and how the process works and why it is important to approach this as a partnership where both parties have a role to play in treating infestations.

Our method has been developed with the experience of over 29,000 treated cases of bed bugs and is designed to rapidly resolve infestations so long as all the steps are followed.

One of the unique aspects of our service is the understanding that having introduced bed bugs to your property once we need to address the “dripping tap” in order to stop further introductions.

Our activity tracking process is designed to help identify such events quickly so you don’t continue to introduce the problem to your home.

Cleaning processes

The post treatment deep cleanse is an essential part of the treatment process, it is timed to help eradicate any dying bed bugs. When conducted thoroughly there will be no remaining bed bugs.

It should be conducted in the same fashion as a spring deep clean or an end of tenancy clean and is an essential part of the process.

Once the infestation is resolved we recommend you get into the good habit of monthly cleaning your bed in acknowledgement of the fact that it is the most used item of furniture in your home.

We spend on average 180 hours a month sleeping in our beds so a simple 30 minutes maintenance clean is more than justified.

Passive Monitors

Once you have completed your deep cleanse and removed the Passive+ Monitor it should be replaced with a normal Passive Monitor, this is initially checked weekly and after 3 weeks clear can be stepped back to monthly as part of the routines mentioned in your treatment pack.

We would still strongly recommend that you continue to avoid bed bugs by taking the steps to avoid contact where possible but safe in the knowledge that you have a simple plan in place should an introduction event occur. The Treatment by Passive Monitor Replacement protocol (TbyPMR) has been used as an approach since 2009 to resolve these types of issues.

  • Information on Passive Monitors
  • Information about the TbyPMR protocol

If your Passive Monitor is showing signs of activity please seal in a zip lock bag and return it for confirmation to the address in your treatment pack.

More than any other advise we offer this should be followed as it offers you the most cost effective way to resolve any future issues and is a lot less disruptive than a full treatment cycle.

Optimization post treatment

As bed bugs continue to become a significant issue for society it make sense to take steps to minimize the risk and impact of a future introduction. As such we offer the following key points:

  • Always check items before they are brought into your home.
  • Metal frame beds are not better for “bed bugs”, the opposite is true, simple wooden slated beds are actually the best design.
  • Always check a bed when you travel to avoid bed bugs where you can.
  • Under bed storage should always be sealed in boxes or wrapped.

The “optimization of furniture in advance of the introduction of bed bugs” guide is offered as best practice and can ensure that infestations are detected and resolved in a matter of minutes.

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