Mystery Bite Analysis Workbook


Mystery Bite Analysis Workbook

Being the world’s first dedicated bedbug specialists are we are often called upon to deal with some of the more complex cases including unknown pest issues, often where previous treatments have failed.

As such we have developed a detailed understanding of how to narrow down a list of potential candidate issues into something more manageable and easier to diagnose/resolve.


Sometimes the cause of skin reactions is not, in fact, a pest issue but one that is specific to the home or the environment and as such assuming it has to be an insect can lead people down the wrong path. Some of the more unusual issues we have encountered are:


  • Medication combined with sunlight-induced skin reactions
  • Fibre induced skin reactions (often referred to as cable mites)
  • Thermal urticarial induced reactions
  • Chitin hypersensitivity
  • Sensitivity to the chemicals used to treat

Because of this experience we have been able to develop this workbook to help diagnose the causes of bites or skin reactions which may or may not be pest related

The Workbook will be sent out via first class post, it can be returned to us by post or scanned and emailed to us

Once completed this Pack will give us the building blocks needed to begin to understand and help resolve the issue