Do You Have Bed Bugs Book by Stephen Doggett


Do You Have Bed Bugs Book by Stephen Doggett

Bed Bugs are on the increase globally, but how do you know if you have an infestation?

More importantly, how can you recognise their signs in order to avoid them in the first place?

This book by Stephen Doggett is designed for pest controllers, accommodation providers, health officials, travellers, in fact, anyone who may have to eradicate bed bugs

The Guide will help you identify bed bugs, to recognise their signs and teach you where the insect can be found

Since the beginning of the modern bed bug resurgence, Stephen Doggett has been at the forefront of documenting the rise and impact of bed bugs, He has produced over 80 articles for industry and scientific journals, and given over 70 presentations on bed bugs and their control. He is widely consulted on bed bugs and their control by the pest management and the accommodation industries, and the media, he is regarded as a world authority on bed bugs and their control.

This is an actual book and will be posted, it is not a downloadable file or a PDF copy

ISBN 978-0-646-90660-7

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