Bedbug Beacon an active bed bug monitor for pest control

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Active monitoring is a great way to detect an infestation of bedbugs, in a location that is not occupied.
These types of monitors produce an attractant to bedbugs luring them into the device, in the case of the Beacon that lure is CO2 which is known to be the best attractant for bedbugs.
The best results are obtained through a 7 day monitoring with the best capture occurring between days 3 and 6.
They are great for checking locations which are not occupied such as vacant flats and properties.
The  Bedbug Beacon™ CO2 (carbon dioxide) producing monitor is recommended for drawing bed bugs out of their hiding places
From the makers of PackTite™, Bedbug Beacon™ attracts bed bugs in as little as a few minutes, although can take up to two weeks for early infestations.
The Bedbug Beacon™ is easy to work with, lasts for at least 5 days at a time and comes with enough supplies for two sessions, each lasting 5 to 7 days.