Bed Bug Beware Book


Bed bugs are a problem that no one wants to encounter in their home or when traveling, but the problem continues to spread while no one wants to talk about it.

At last the consumer has an easy to understand guide to the prevention and control of bed bugs.

This new guide helps anyone to understand why bed bugs are spreading, what you can do to prevent them and how to treat the problem.

All this in a simple and easy to understand guide.

Bed Bug Beware will guide you through the facts of bed bugs from inspecting your own home and hotel room to how to seek professional help if needed.

David Cain, well known by the media as a bed bug specialist and one of the authors says
“Having fought their way back into society from relative obscurity, bed bugs have made a global come back in record time.
With urban infestations spreading at an alarming rate we must call upon our most powerful weapon in the fight against bed bugs – communication”.
He continues, “understanding the problem can help you to avoid an infestation at home because prevention is so much more preferable than having them as unwanted house guests”.

The resurgence of bed bugs has caught many people unawares.
What used to be a subject of nursery rhymes is becoming a nightmare for many.
Complaints about bed bugs have increased dramatically all over the world in the last few years.
They should not be viewed as a problem associated with poverty or lack of good basic hygiene,
but one that can affect us in all walks of life.

This guide book is designed to help you to prevent them from infesting your home
and to make the right decisions if they have already infested your home.

It will tell you what to look for during your travels so that you avoid becoming a victim
and most importantly avoid bringing them home to live with you!

This little book could save you months of anguish and money trying to get rid of bed bugs.

This is an actual book and will be posted , it is not a down loadable file or a PDF copy