bed bug bite treatment by Bed Bugs Limited of London

As one of the few resources that are easily accessible to people who have been called upon many times to work out the cause of a problem when non of the physical signs of bed bugs have been present.

In doing so we have established a ”mystery bite pack protocol” which enables us to narrow down the list of the many possible causes of skin reactions to a more manageable list of what it is likely to be.

The process is through data collection and takes 14 – 21 days to complete as the information must be collected and recorded in a specific way in order to show the patterns we are looking for.

The Process

Mystery bite packs can be requested by email through the standard contact form, please ensure that you include your postal address as the packs can not be emailed out.

Once the pack has been completed it is returned via email or post along with a £25 processing fee to cover the time and costs involved in processing the information. When the analysis is completed we we arrange to discuss the results with you and take you through the steps of how to confirm the findings.

In the past this process has enabled us to diagnose complex issues such as:

  • Undiagnosed medical allergies
  • Contact allergies
  • Reactions to the environmental conditions of the home
  • Obscure and unusual insect related conditions

We regret that due to the time and complex nature of this type of work we can not discuss the details of any case unless it goes through this exact process.