In the same way that you conduct regular fire drills and staff health and safety training organisations are now having to look at training in this specialised area.

Although staff training is no replacement for good systems and procedures they can help in the following ways:

  • Reduces the risk of upsetting guests
  • Reduces the risk of a major outbreak
  • Reduces the risk of staff bringing the problem to work

Working with your training team we can tailor a training package to address the needs and educational requirements of various types of staff such as:

  • Understanding bedbugs for senior management
  • Bedbug awareness for housekeeping staff
  • Managing guest complaints for the front of house staff
  • Managing complaints for social media professionals

Training sessions can be conducted on or off-site using DVD and PowerPoint resources.

All training sessions are conducted by only our most senior and experienced team members to ensure that your staff receive the benefit of knowledge gained through field experience rather than someone who has read a few facts on a few websites.

We can also use our unique collection of animated bedbug images and resources to ensure that training is as itch-free as possible.

General information about Bed Bugs by Bed Bugs Limited of London

There are very few hotels larger than 50 rooms who can say they have not had an issue with bedbugs in at least one room in the last 5 years.  What used to be an uncommon issue is now becoming an everyday risk for the hospitality industry.

Staff training can make all the difference in ensuring they know both what to do and most importantly what not to do when it comes to bedbugs.

Above all other potential guest complaints, this is one of the hardest to get right and yet is potentially one of the most damaging.

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