Just as no organisation wants to be faced with an infected room its also an experience that no guest relishes and increasingly many fear.  We have developed a unique approach to managing guest exposure events using tools and techniques developed through all the cases we have dealt with.

Managing such issues with dedicated processes and procedures illustrates the any exposed guests that you take the matter seriously and that every step will be taken to ensure that the problem does not travel home with them with in tern:

  •  Reduces the risk of adverse PR
  • Demonstrates the highest level of customer care
  • Reduces the potential impact through litigation

We have developed processes and procedures to:

  • Decontaminate guests bags at our facility in London
  • Educate guests on the current risks of bedbugs and what steps your organisation take to prevent and detect problems
  • Monitor guests homes post-exposure to ensure no bedbugs make it home and to ensure that should a transference occur that it can be resolved by passive monitor replacement and non-chemical strategies.

Guest management services are available to all our retained clients and those with proactive service contracts for monitoring or treatment.

Although we cant offer preventative solutions to this exposure pest we can certainly ensure that any exposed guests feel that all has been done to ensure that this isolated incident is being efficiently dealt with and is unlikely to be the bedbug nightmare that increasingly creates adverse press attention.

Our processes are being continually adapted and developed as new technologies are being developed.  As internationally acknowledged experts we often test new products before they are available to other pest controllers and often plan strategies 12 –  18 months ahead of the industry to ensure our services always remain at the cutting edge.  To ensure that we remain connected at an academic level we have extensive collaborations with Sheffield University Entomology department who we regularly provide with anonymous field samples.

We are happy to advise corporate management on all aspects of bedbug policy and are experienced at delivering group and site-based solutions at different levels of the hospitality industry.

To discuss your specific needs in detail or to arrange a confidential management briefing or discussion please contact us.

illustration showing giant bed bug chasing people

Bedbugs are now one of the greatest concerns for frequent travellers.

Like all issues knowing you are in safe hands and that you are doing everything that can be done to avoid taking the problem home goes a long way to reducing stress an anxiety.

Having managed numerous cases on behalf of Hotel clients we have developed a unique understanding of how to mange the process as best as possible to ensure guest comfort and to help avoid the issue becoming a blot on the Hotels reputation.

The motto of this service is:

“Customer service counts in a crisis”

  • Luggage decontamination
  • Guest education
  • Ongoing guest support
  • “Take home” monitoring
  • Support of media acknowledged experts