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We do not maintain a PDF or ePublication on dust mites as we feel there are enough good medical resources online.   

Dust mites are microscopic arachnids and not biting pests.  The “bite” of a dust mite is actually an allergic reaction.  However, they often get confused as a biting pest and can be misidentified in a situation where bedbugs are suspected.  To explain the difference we have often told our clients “unlike bedbugs they are microscopic and you can’t really see them without a powerful microscope”.

If you have been searching for the classic signs of bedbugs and can't find them, then dust mites could be a possible cause of skin reactions.

Unlike bedbugs, they can often be resolved with attention to detail and regular cleaning.  However in more extreme cases professional services and barrier covers for mattresses can give faster resolution.

Dust mites are present in almost every location frequented by people and live on the shed skin and hair that we leave behind.

Impossible to visually confirm without magnification.

Likely to be a more dispersed skin reaction than bedbugs and will often be on back and skin that comes into contact with the bedding.

The skin reaction is an allergy to the droppings not an actual “bite”.

Antihistamines and medicines can control the reaction.

Regular cleaning will help control light cases. For heavier reactions seek experienced professional assistance.

Barrier encasement of the mattress can help prevent contact with the allergens.

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Dust Mites

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