Retained clients

Many of our retained clients have  zero tolerance to bedbugs and as such we help them maintain their homes that way.  Each month a member of our team attends site to ensure that the property is 100% free from bedbugs, that the integrity of the monitoring procedures are maintained and to ensure that all regular visitors tot eh home are also following the disciplines.  We can also arrange a deep cleanse of your sleeping area to ensure your home remains healthy.   

We have a team on standby waiting in case you have any issues and will respond to your needs as quick as humanly possible.

If you have been exposed to bedbugs while away from home call your emergency line and we will immediately start to triage the situation and ensure that it does not impact your life.

This service is most appropriate for those with busy lives seeking a concierge style service and starts from £100 per month for a single bed property.

Reactive clients

We have capacity for ten active or reactive clients at any one time to ensure that you are all given the highest levels of service.  If you are encountering a bedbug issue or suspect that you have one please submit your details via the contact form below and we will make contact with you as soon as is technically possible.  

Assessment only visits start from £250 and treatment programs from £1,000.

‍‍‍Historical research has shown us that the worlds first pest control firm Tiffin & Son who formed in the 1650’s were in fact the worlds first dedicated bedbug eradicators.  They even held the Royal warrant for bedbug treatments and had a policy of only having 100 customers with regular auctions announced via the Times when vacancies occurred.

Reviving this long standing tradition we are proud to announce that our elite and most experienced technical staff have agreed to offer a new Tiffin & Son service to clients in London utilising our existing methods and some new approaches which are not practical for wider application due to time and cost.

This service defines the highest standards achievable in our industry.

100% Green and effective service

Bespoke solutions tailored to your home

Backed by our Gold Standard Guarantee

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