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As any pest controller, or other professional for that matter, will tell you experience is essential in providing an efficient and effective service.  When we formed in 2005, we were the only specialist bedbug extermination in the world. To this date there are few who only specialise in this area although many claim they do.

Drawing upon an unrivalled level of experience of dealing with bedbugs, we have developed a unique perspective on how to deal with this problem pest in commercial settings.  In many cases we are even able to resolve the issue in a matter of hours with no disruption to your room availability.

Although we would love to develop a preventative treatment regime of this exposure pest, the realities is that this is simply never going to be feasible or effective.  The focus of our efforts is to resolve issues quickly and to ensure that you are able to detect any future problems before they become guest complaints.

We offer unrivalled emergency response times for retained clients and always travel in unmarked  vehicles.  We ensure that only our most experienced and senior technical staff work on commercial projects, to ensure that you only get the very best of our technicians to deal with your problem.

Each project is managed using our unique science led approach to ensure that not only is the current problem solved but plans can be put in place to limit any future incidents.

Our services are tailored to help you return to fully operational capacity as quickly as possible with minimal losses through unnecessary disposal of bedding and furniture.  We do not recommend the disposal of any items of furniture unless they are heavily stained or beyond their economic value to the organisation.

We can help rectify your problem, whether a single infected room or a serious outbreak affecting over 60% of your rooms.  In more serious cases where previous treatments have been previously attempted, we require full disclosure of the treatment methods attempted, in order to fully assess the case.

For more serious outbreaks we are experienced in dealing with local authority environmental health treatment enforcement orders and have frequently worked with Environmental Health Officers ( EHOs) to help change the operational procedures of organisations in line with best practices.   

All reactive treatment services are quality assured through the use of passive monitoring to ensure the issue has been resolved.

March 2014

When dealing with cases that have been previously treated it is important to disclose all the previous treatments.  

In exceptional cases where bedbugs have been dispersed due to previous treatment attempts we may actually need to occupy the room overnight to study exactly where the infestation is present.

Although we appreciate that this may not be a “normal” approach for dealing with bedbugs but experience has taught us that it often resolves the issue a lot faster.

Reactive services are charged on a travel (outside M25 only) and time on site basis, estimates available on request.

Reactive Services

“Thank you for doing exactly what you said you would.  Despite 7 previous treatments we still had bedbugs and yet you managed to fix it the same day.”

  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Reduced losses and wastage
  • Reduced furniture waste
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Chemical free


World leading bed bug solution…..

Our ProActive clients benefit from greater operational efficiency

which comes from building bed bug awareness and detection into their operating procedures.

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Since 2005 Bed Bugs Limited has led the world of bedbug detection and eradication through a unique science and fact based approach to combating bed bug infestations.  In 2012 its process became 100% green for all hotel treatments, resulting in faster eradication and lower room outages.  Many of our Pro Active clients no longer experience the unpleasantness associated with guest complaints because they are detected and resolved before a complaint arises.